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Fusarium Head Blight, commonly referred to as head scab, is a potential problem for wheat growers year after year. Are you seeing it in your field? Here's what you need to know.

What's bugging your beans? We're seeing Dectes Stem Borer in the field. Here's what you need to know.

We're back out in the field today discussing what to do when you end up in a stale seedbed situation.

Join Armor Seed Sales Agronomist Danny Graham today as he visits a field in Marmaduke, Arkansas.

Armor Seed is thrilled to share we will be offering the game-changing herbicide tolerant technologies you’ve heard so much about as soon as commercially available!

Rounding out the week with another visit from Armor Seed Sales Agronomist Bill Rushing.

As you know, the Armor Seed Sales Agronomy team is out in the field answering our growers' questions on a daily basis. We thought we'd tag along and capture their wise words on camera so we can share some quick tips with you.

For those who have wheat, the start of January means we have to be paying attention to our crop now. As you may know, there are some basic guidelines to follow to keep things rolling through the next couple of months.

Planting may have started slowly this year thanks to rainy weather. And we had some early season growing problems due to cool, wet ground.

Watch this week and you'll see Jenna closing the season on her Armor Seed verification field.

First things first, are there prettier skies anywhere in the country?

There's something going on in Jenna's field this week, but it's not harvest.

Jenna's beans are looking strong as they move closer and closer to the season's end.

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