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The Armor Seed team is committed to bringing you field-tested products that will perform under always changing and challenging conditions. We’re especially excited about some of the new varieties and hybrids we’ve added to our line-up for 2019.

It’s hard to believe that planting season could possibly be right around the corner, especially thanks to the extended harvest season so many of you endured.

There seem to be strong feelings one way or the other about growing wheat this year, but for our growers more northward, especially in Kentucky and Missouri, planting season is right around the corner.

Determining when to terminate irrigation in soybeans can be difficult. When making this decision, the goal is to make sure that adequate soil moisture is available to ensure the soybean seeds reach maximum size.

We’ve been seeing some disease in corn this season which we originally thought to be Eyespot. However, upon further investigation, the diagnosis is Curvularia Leaf Spot.

It’s about that time of year when we need to be really vigilant about scouting our fields and managing any insects we might find there.

As our ears begin to fill out this year in corn, there are a number of issues for which we should watch.

As we move closer to the finish line, let’s not let our corn stress.

As you may know, irrigation during the early vegetative phase provides little or no yield benefit.

Looks like most, if not all, of us should be on alert for corn earworms/bollworms in our fields.

Whether or not you irrigate your corn depends upon several factors.

For some of you, it is very near time to think about fungicide application in your fields.

As unpredictable as farming can be, it’s always a good idea to try to be prepared for what might lie ahead through the coming season.

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