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We’re excited to continue introducing the rest of our new additions to the Armor Seed soybean line-up for 2019. We believe these field-tested varieties offer excellent potential for the upcoming planting season. Of course, we are still offering the most popular Armor stand-bys that continue to deliver for our growers. As always, we encourage you to consult your local Armor rep to best determine the right products for your geography.

Refer to last week’s blog post for the first five of 10 new products we’re introducing this year: ARMOR 42-D27, ARMOR 45-D43, ARMOR 47-D22, ARMOR 47-Z01 and ARMOR 49-D13. This week, let’s talk:


ARMOR 48-D02
This variety has shown great promise in the field. It has proven itself to be an aggressive grower in tough soils. Positioning is key with this variety—heavy ground only. This is a tall variety susceptible to lodging on medium to light soils, BUT on heavy, gumbo, tight-white silt loam soils? This variety is HOME. If you are looking to place a bean in heavy ground, check out the 4.8 RM STS Armor 48-D02. It would make a great companion product to the trusted Armor 47-D17 or Armor-D24.

ARMOR 49-D66
Armor 49-D66 has shown extraordinary potential, landing third in the southern cut of this season’s Commercial Strip Trials (CSTs.) This tall 4.9 indeterminate gumbo bean is especially suited to heavy soils, coming in first in that category. This true “Delta” bean will be a solid addition on the right ground. Also a great companion consideration for Armor 48-D24.

ARMOR 52-D71
Looking for an early Group 5 Indeterminate? Armor 52-D71 led the way in yield among the G5s tested. It is a medium-size plant that fits across a lot of soil types. Lots of solid qualities—including good Phytophthora tolerance—put this variety on your list for consideration for this year’s growing season.

ARMOR 55-D57
This 5.5 RM variety is a really nice bean for determinate G5 markets. A beautiful red soybean with RKN protection and an excellent disease package, Armor 55-D57 is versatile and can be placed in just about any Southern environment. A medium-tall determinate, this variety can be positioned on any soil type, though the fact it is an excluder makes it an ideal consideration for fields with chloride issues.

East Coast growers will want to check out the versatile ARMOR 62-D60. Great yields across all soil types with a solid disease package—and an excluder for chloride soils—this red, bushy bean with RKN protection can handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at it. Among the top Group 6 performers in last season’s North Carolina OVTs!


ARMOR 46-D08
Armor 46-D08 is one of our most versatile beans and has time and again shown outstanding performance. This 4.6 indeterminate excluder with STS is a medium-tall plant that can handle some of the roughest growing conditions. Position this super-tough red-podded bean on all soil types—it can handle it. This one has proven itself across the midsouth.

ARMOR 47-D17
This 4.7 RM variety is an indeterminate that is also an STS bean. Armor 47-D17 is an extremely tough variety made for tough ground. It works great on heavy soils and wide rows and has shown resistance to frogeye and stem canker.

Pairing the right seed to the ground it will be planted on is so important. Please contact your local Armor Seed Sales Representative to discuss the right seed for your farm. Need contact info? Head to or the Armor app and input your zip code, click on “Contact,” and you’re all set. As always, it’s a privilege to work with you. We look forward to a productive 2019 growing season!

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